Ricky Wong

Position: Founder, HKTVmall

Ricky Wong is an experienced telecom and media entrepreneur, having founded the Hong Kong Broadband Network before Hong Kong Television Network. His latest venture is HKTVmall, Hong Kong’s largest online retail business. Like other large-scale international e-commerce ventures, HKTVmall has chalked up significant losses since its launch, but the tide is turning and Ricky remains confident in the long-term viability of the business.

HKTVmall features some 170,000 products from more than 2000 suppliers, which requires innovative strategies to build offline awareness, a sophisticated warehouse operation and an efficient supply chain. Ricky has used small off-line retail spaces in streetfront locations with high foot traffic to tease shoppers with a limited selection of the online offer and encourage people to try the mall out. That strategy has helped grow the venture’s database of registered users to well over 1.2 million people.